All occupational therapy assessments and interventions are conducted by Rhiannon Crispe, founder of Homebase Hope. You will receive an in-depth pre-consultation questionnaire. The initial consultation will consist of a thorough interview, observation, home visit and exploration of your child’s goals. You can expect written recommendations, personalised lifestyle optimisation coaching and a plan of action to move towards your child’s goals. Rhiannon may liaise with key stakeholders such as teachers and other treating therapists to ensure continuum of care. 

Sessions are conveniently conducted at your home, your child’s pre-school/school or done over a video call. This means no travelling to and from appointments and ensures the least disruption to your child’s daily routine.

Occupational Therapy

Homebase Hope can help you help your child with daily living skills such as self regulation, sensory processing, attention and concentration, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, toileting, dressing and grooming, sleep, hygiene, pretend play, handwriting and independent living skills (money management, cooking, shopping etc).

Fees and Funding

Our pricing is in line with the NDIS Price Guide. 

Please refer to this link for further information:

Pricing differs depending on the state or territory you live in and the regional, remote or very remote classification of where the therapy consultation is provided.

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