Feed The Need: 5 Tips To Help Classroom Fidgeter

Kids are expected to sit for long hours in their school chair and are supposed to “sit still and pay attention”. But this isn’t what their little bodies were designed to do. They were designed to move!

Autism and My Appreciation of Life

Dear Fellow Mum on the Autism Journey… life is definitely not all easy though. I miss being able going to the park while the kids play and enjoy a coffee. He is a runner and my eyes at all times while we are out and about must be on him. I miss that at the age of 4.5 yrs he has still not called me Mum. I miss being able to go out for dinner and not be on edge the whole time, sitting still is not his strong point.

You Don’t Need To Know Everything About Autism

Dear Fellow Mum on the Autism Journey, ……. When Clay was born, right from the get go he had issues we now know are part of him being autistic. He couldn’t latch on while breastfeeding. He was the quietest, happiest baby though. At six months he struggled to transition to solids. We had to attend a feeding clinic for me to learn how to introduce solids to him.

Motherhood – You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

Motherhood is a journey. We must navigate through the peaks and the valleys. We must realise that self-care is not selfish – it’s a non-negotiable. And we must realise that we cannot pour from an empty cup. So in order to look after your loved ones, you must first look after you.

How To Make Bone Broth

Homemade bone broth is a traditional food that is super healing and nourishing for the human body. Bone broth is a fantastic source of nutrients. Broth can be made from the bones of any animal including beef, fish, lamb or chicken.

low tox copy

Living A Low-Tox Autism Life

When did it become okay to spray the food we eat with toxins? When did it become okay to use so many poisonous chemicals around the home? When did it become okay to pollute the air with synthetic substances detrimental to human health? Most new-to-nature chemicals have not been through rigorous testing.

6 Ways To Calm Your Child With Autism

A child with autism can live in a very stressed state. Transitions, sensory overload, confusion reading facial expressions or a change in routine can leave your child feeling extremely anxious and super stressed out.

Move Beyond The Diagnosis

Move Beyond The Diagnosis

Autism is behaviourally defined, which means that there is no biological testing, no blood test, no DNA test or brain scan that can be done to diagnose the condition. There are currently no identified biological markers. A diagnosis is based heavily on anecdotal reports from family, therapists and teachers.

Conventional Vs Alternative

Conventional vs Alternative

There are those who provide the “traditional” therapies such as speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists and those who provide “alternative” interventions such as naturopaths, chiropractors and nutritionists.

Aren’t We All Different Not Less?

Aren’t We All Different Not Less?

There is a common saying in our autism community “different not less”. These powerful words were first spoken by Temple Grandin, one of the most well known and well-respected individuals with autism.

Let's Talk Toileting

Let’s Talk Toileting

Learning to go to the toilet independently is a very significant milestone in a child’s development. In general, children learn to use the toilet between 18 months and 3 years old.

The Over Responsive Child

The Over Responsive Child

We are bombarded with a constant stream of sensory information every single micro second of the day. It is our brain’s job to interpret and organise this sensory information, make meaning of it and produce an appropriate motor output or emotion.

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