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Embracing A Whole Child Approach To Autism 

We believe

We believe in your ability to make a difference from homebase.

We believe in the innate, untapped potential of your child.

We believe we need to look at the body as a whole.

We believe we need to blend traditional therapy with natural lifestyle approaches.

We believe we need the courage and curiosity to question what is currently accepted about autism.

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Hi I'm Rhiannon Crispe. I'm an Occupational Therapist, Personal Trainer and GAPS Practitioner. I created Homebase Hope - a place of positivity and possibility for people caring for a child on the spectrum. I'm here to guide you every step of your autism journey with a whole child approach.


Essential Oils – Why You Need Them In Your Life

Essential oils can be used as a therapeutic sensory tool to promote self-regulation. When we breath in an aroma, this sensory information is sent straight to the limbic system of the brain – this is our our emotional switchboard. This may be why smells are so successful at influencing emotions….. and therefore behaviour.


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