We believe in doing things differently

Our founder, Rhiannon Crispe is an occupational therapist and GAPS Practitioner based in Port Stephens, New South Wales. Rhiannon discovered early on in her career that there is not one approach or way of thinking when it comes to the complexities of autism or childhood developmental delays. And so it is a core value of ours to provide a holistic and eclectic approach to therapy and seek to look at the same challenges through different lenses. We empower parents with a ‘whole child’ approach that bridges conventional therapy, natural lifestyle intervention and a different way of thinking. 

By meeting you in your home (in person or virtually), we’re able to get an insight into the family home environment and think creatively about how you can support your child at homebase. After all, we know that helping a child reach their full potential extends far beyond the realms of therapy. It’s about a lifestyle where real, wholesome and healthy food matters. Where sleep and movement are seen as foundational to daily functioning and health. It’s where behaviour is considered a form of communication and is sought to be understood and where micro-moments of connection are celebrated. So we’re here to coach, educate and empower you to support your child to reach their full potential …..and it all starts in the real life context of homebase. 

As a parent or carer, you are steering this ship. What an opportunity and privilege to steer it in a direction that can change the trajectory of your child’s life. If you’re seeking therapists who do things differently, here at Homebase Hope we weave heart, mind and soul into the fabric of our professionalism.

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