Lifestyle Matters For Autism- Exploring Epigenetics with Shandy Laskey

We know genes play a major role in autism, but are you aware that autism is also heavily influenced by environmental factors? The more we learn about autism as an epigenetic condition – the more we start to realise that lifestyle really matters! This is a really empowering model to work from – because it …

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Creating An ‘I CAN’ Network With Chris Varney

Does your child often feel isolated and have low self esteem? Chris Varney is 31 years old and has Asperger’s Syndrome. He grew up with a group of mentors who pushed him to think ‘I CAN’ and is driving a rethink of autism, from ‘I Can’t’ to ‘I CAN’!! In today’s episode Chris empowers you with …

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How To Bully Proof Your Child

It’s about time we shed some light on what is a dark topic – bullying. One in four Australian school students report repeated bullying. Half of Australian children say they have been the target of bullying behaviour at least once. Children on the spectrum are easy targets for school bullies. Lets look at how you can approach bullying and how you can bully proof your child!

All About Asperger’s With Tony Attwood

Today we are diving into the world of Asperger’s with none other than Professor Tony Attwood. We delve into how our understanding of autism has changed over the years, what autism actually is, how you can celebrate Asperger’s, managing your child’s ‘challenging behaviour’, supporting your child through anxiety and depression ….and SO MUCH MORE! Tony …

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Movement Therapy, Waking Up The Brain & Job Skills with Joanne Lara

Music and movement combined has the power to re-map the brain! Autism Movement Therapy® is a program based on interhemispheric sensory integration to help children reach their potential. Music and movement can literally rewire the brain to benefit a child’s communication, cognitive function, behaviour and motor skills.

Essential Oils – Why You Need Them In Your Life

I would LOVE to show you how you can embrace this low-tox lifestyle and support your child’s wellbeing through the use of essential oils.

Visual Supports For Children With Autism

Impaired communication is a core challenge for children with autism. Many kids on the spectrum learn effectively through the use of visual supports. Visuals can increase predictability, reduce anxiety, improve listening and independence and empower children to effectively communicate their message.

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