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At Homebase Hope we like to view autism a little differently. Whilst autism is predominantly recognised as a brain condition we must not forget that the brain is connected to the body. What happens in the brain has a flow on effect to the rest of the body and it’s systems. It’s important to address the challenges of the brain and body at a biological, neurological and behavioural level. If we only address autism at the level of behaviour, we are missing important pieces of the puzzle required for overall health and wellbeing.

We believe autism is a difference not a disorder.

People with autism have a difference in their wiring and connections in their brain. They think differently.

We like to challenge current thinking and encourage people to shift from a language based on ‘deficits’ to ‘differences’.

These differences are not fixed and hardwired like we previously believed, rather challenges of a whole body condition which can be improved.

We believe autism is a genetically influenced, whole body condition in which epigenetic and environmental influences can play a major role.

Genes are certainly involved in autism. Our current understanding is that there is not one specific ‘autism gene’, but rather hundreds of genes associated with it. There is also growing evidence showing that environmental and lifestyle factors can contribute to autism. These factors include a nutrient-poor diet, environmental toxins, exposure to chemicals, stress, a damaged microbiome, infection and a sedentary lifestyle. This is a very empowering model – because it means you can make a difference….at homebase!

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