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The Life-Changing Magic Of A Mother’s Mindset with Darrielle Maree

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In this week’s podcast, I chat to Darrielle Maree – a special needs mother and the founder of “Mums Reborn”. Darrielle shares her personal story of sadness, exhaustion and burnout following her daughter’s diagnosis. She recognised that this was not serving herself or her family well. Darrielle made a conscious decision to find a happier life and reaped the benefits of adopting a positive mindset and allowing herself 2 hours of ‘me time’ per week.

Darrielle went on to study holistic counselling which saw her develop “Mums Reborn”. Darrielle talks of how the online community aims to inspire, empower and support mums across the globe through their daily struggles. She has launched “Empower You”, a program where she guides you through a 3 month transformative journey. Darrielle shares many inspiring tips which you can use today to reconnect with yourself and your family.


5 Rapid Fire Questions

1. What is one habit parents can implement today?

Gratefulness. I believe in the law of attraction, which is: what we are feeling internally we will attract externally. And so if we look at when we are living in a really negative space and everything seems to be going wrong, that is because we are focusing on those things. As I discussed before, gratefulness is one of the best game changes you could implement in your life which is so simple, you can do immediately.

Four things a day, two in the morning and two at night. You know what? now I don’t do four, I do 104! As you start, it can be a bit challenging to begin with but then the list just starts to grow. You can even journal it if you want.

2. What do people never ask you that you wish they did?

I wish there was this new paradigm where people ask your “what’s going really well for you today?”.

I find most of us grow up in this society that we use our stories and past struggles as a way to gain significance and value in our lives. I did it for so long. In fact, I did it for my entire life until I realised it was not serving me. When we speak to family and friends we tend to focus on the negatives and we will just talk about the story and the terrible things that happened that week.

3. What book would you recommend all parents read?

Freedom to Love by Ong Curley.

While the story is not targeted at mothers with children with special needs, there are so many empowering stories that make you become aware that no matter how hard your life or situation is, you can live a happy life and transform your feelings.

4. What is one of your top 3 unfinished bucket list items?

Create this massive event to celebrate mothers. Have everyone come, and we have a massive party and to just celebrate our amazingness and everything we give to others but also honouring ourselves and just having a really inspiring evening of celebration.

5. If you could only offer one piece of advice to parents, what would it be?

Heal yourself and you will by default heal your children.


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So….until next fortnight, I encourage you to open your mind, respect the differences and above all believe that YOU can make a difference from homebase!

With love and hope,


*You should always seek a health practitioner’s advice before starting any new health practice.


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