Toileting Visual Schedule & Reward Visual

This is a printable visual schedule and rewards board. It is recommended that it is cut out and laminated for durable and long lasting use.


Toileting Visual Schedule:
This visual schedule is a simplified step-by-step visual guide to going to the toilet. It helps provide children with autism with structure and predictability – so they know what step is next. As a result of a child using the visual schedule, stress and anxiety commonly related to toileting can be reduced. A visual schedule can also build self-esteem and independence.

Toileting Reward Visual:
A reward visual helps to motivate your child to use the toilet by providing them with a positive reinforcement. Reinforcers are powerful tools to reach challenging goals such as toileting.

This pack includes:
– visual schedules for toileting (horizontal and vertical)
– 6 x reward charts
– 20 symbols (for rewards)

Remember, transitioning from nappies to the toilet is a massive life transition and as parents we need to support our children and motivate them to achieve success!


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