I Implore You – Use Your Superpower

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You know your child better than anyone. You know them inside and out. You know their likes, what drives them crazy, what calms them during a meltdown and what doesn’t. You are up all hours of the night, trying to settle them back to sleep. You are left cleaning up the mess and mopping up the tears after a sensory meltdown. You are there to hold their hand through overwhelming social situations, dust them off and raise their spirits after a fall. You share their nerves when they are most vulnerable. You celebrate their smallest victories and let loose on a crazy dance when they overcome their greatest fears. You want to tell the world when they try a new food or make a special friendship. You are the only one who can look them in the eyes and know exactly what they are thinking. You dare to dream big with them and show the world what you already know.

Let me tell you. There is no professional or expert with a PhD who knows your child better than you do.

You are the expert on your child. This is your superpower.

I implore you to use your superpower. Be their voice when they can’t find the words. Be their motivation when life gets tough. Be their advocate when they’re misunderstood. Be their best friend when the days are lonely. Be their hope when they’re in despair. Be their light when they get lost. Be their biggest cheerleader throughout life’s journey.

There is no one more powerful or unstoppable than a mother on a mission.

You have the power, the superpower, to influence your child’s life in more ways than you can even imagine – and it all starts at homebase.

With love and hope,

Rhiannon xxx

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